Dian Booth Master HealerAs a Master Healer, Dian has been practising, teaching and developing the use of Sound and Colour for Healing for more than 25 years.

Dian Booth is a Master Teacher of Meditation and Life Skills in the tradition of Buddhist Teaching and Practice. She studied intensively for 14 years with Roshi John Garrie, one of the most demanding Meditation Teachers of the Tibetan/Zen tradition in Europe.

Sound, Colour and Movement for Transformational Self Healing

Sound and Colour are together an extraordinarily powerful healing modality, much used in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt. In her work, Dian spontaneously accesses past life knowledge as a Master Sound and Colour Healer in those ancient civilisations, and combines it with vibrational knowledge from Higher Dimensions and Other Worlds. The inclusion of her additional skills and experience as a professional violinist and psychologist has enormously enriched her work.

In 1997-1998 she was honoured by being given permission to use Aboriginal Healing Land in Alice Springs to give spiritual self-healing workshops.

Her major life-goal at this point is to create the Alice Springs Heart Centre, for Healing (Indigenous and non-Indigenous modalities), Spiritual Retreats, and Cross-Cultural Education Programmes, which will draw on knowledge from many cultures around the world.

Dian currently runs a private practice in Tasmania, offering combined psychological counselling and healing services.

Healing concerts, where violin and didgeridoo come together, self-healing courses and transformational healing workshops are the trademark of Dian Booth's offering.

Healing over the ages

Dian's travels to South America and EgyptSound and colour have been used as tools for healing since “time began”, although time always has been.  In ancient civilisations, sound and colour were not only of great importance; they were essential. This knowledge had been used but was then lost during the demise of each civilisation. The Pharaohnic Egyptian use of sound and colour for healing was accessed by Pythagoras, as is evidenced in the literature, but then lost, along with Ancient Greek civilisation. It is re-emerging now because it is essential for general health in the 21st century. Dian has been one of the chief facilitators of this rebirth.

The basic ingredients of matter

Sound as well as colour, (or light) are the two basic ingredients of all physical matter.  This is a fact that has long been recognised by aboriginal societies - Australian Aboriginal, Native American, African and Asian. They have recognised that the vibrations of sound, colour and movement are the building blocks of all matter. These building blocks, then, are the logical starting point in addressing energetic imbalances and illness in general. By starting with the grass roots of sound and colour, we create the potential to change energy quickly.

Click to download and read further biographical information about Dian: Abstract submitted for the Arts and Community Health Conference at the National Gallery Canberra, 14-18th November, 2011.

Some words from participants

When I first heard Dian Booth play her violin at a sacred site out in the bush not far from Narrogin (WA), it was like someone pulling wild knowledge out of the air. The music that comes out of her violin, no matter where it is played, is the kind of music that makes the soul shiver, that shakes us on a level that is more cellular than emotional. It is as though one's very molecules are undergoing reorganisation into new and unknown patterns. It is a music that calls to what is new in us.

Chohan Neale, 'Nova' March 2000

Attune yourself to the vibration within and merge with the rhythm of the Earth as your heartbeat and the heartbeat of the Earth become one. Allow yourself to take this journey through the intuitive talent of Dian Booth. You will have a unique sound healing experience. The instrumental vibrations generated are those of nature, Earth nature. They are the sounds and colours which are already the vibration pattern of your body, mind and spirit.

Although Dian plays violin most often for healing, she also uses other acoustic healing instruments from many ancient cultures including Asia, China, Japan, Tibet, India, Indonesia, Australia, Africa, North and South America. Her unique approach has assisted people to shift energy blockages such as: Depression, Anger, Stress, Fatigue, Addiction, Cancer, and other aspects of disease.

Find your inner truth, hear your inner wisdom, and experience your inner peace through the healing melody of this talented woman. Allow her to nurture your soul and take you on a spiritual journey.

Fiona Saunter, Author "Balloons of Joy" (Colour Healing)