Roerich Museum Moscow Concert

I gave a Concert in the Roerich Museum in Moscow in October 2010, where I created on violin spontaneous compositions to a selection of paintings by the great mystic Nicholas Roerich. These were from the period when he was in the Himalayas.

I have purchased a collection of prints from the Museum and will be offering these around Australia as workshops for all interested. I shall be guiding those who attend in how to find their own sounds to these spiritually important works.

There will be opportunities for healing and health improvement from these events.

Workshop: Healing through Sound and Colour

I also ran a "Healing through Sound and Colour Workshop" in Moscow in October 2010.

Joyful Mind, Tender Heart Concert

CD - Joyful Mind Tender HeartJoyful MindHeld in The Integratron, Joshua Tree, California in October 2010, this concert was a performance by Dian Booth and Carolyn Sykes to launch their new CD "Joyful Mind, Tender Heart".

Dian played the music of 'Buddah Meditating by a pool in a Himalayan Cave' in Russia.  See the video below.