We are all made of sound and colour…

Have you ever wondered why you can be so moved to tears, or experience feelings of happiness while listening to a certain piece of music? Or wondered why you can be cheered up or depressed by the introduction of certain colours in your environment or on your body? Both sound and colour have the power to alter not only our moods, but also to re-arrange the molecular structure of the cells that make up our bodies.

Everyday of our lives we are enveloped by sound and colour. Every sound has its own colour and every colour its own sound. Through knowledge passed down from many ancient civilisations we have come to know that these are the substance of all the molecules, the true building blocks of each and every person’s DNA.

Each individual has a vibrational pattern that is distinctly their own.

There is a range of sounds in our world through which it is possible to discover one’s own. These include vocal chant, healing instruments from ancient cultures, musical instruments and compositions. Sounds from nature are also extraordinarily powerful.

Dian Booth has devoted her life to discovering a method of helping others to find their own true sounds and colours. She activates their deeply buried memories of vibrational patterns from Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt and thus acts as a mirror or catalyst so that each person can heal themselves.

Individual Healing Sessions

Come to Alice Springs in Central Australia for Healing and be inspired and nourished by the amazing energy in this beautiful land.

Combine this with Dian’s extraordinary healing gifts, and you will have an experience that could change your life. It's suitable for any or all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms, and will involve:

  • A general consultation/counselling session;

  • Guidance in relaxation through breathwork and meditation;

  • Dian accessing the sounds and colours of the healing vibrations already known to your Higher Self;

  • The discovery of and recording of these sounds for continued personal use;

  • Breathwork specifically designed to release past (and present) life trauma.

Dian has had success in treating a wide range of personal health problems, whether they be temporary, longstanding, serious or minor. Diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, muscular pain, injury and blocked energy at all levels have responded positively. Her sounds are appropriate to assist those who are in spiritual transition to a higher consciousness, and to those who are dying.

Come for an individual session or two, or attend a residential Retreat lasting 4 or 8 days.

Absent Healing Sessions

Phone from anywhere in the world for a telephone consultation, and Dian will then record and post to you a cassette healing tape, which contains those Sounds and Colours required for whatever healing you have requested.

All Sound and Colour information is given by your own Higher Self.

Dian accesses that information and transmits it through the Sounds, also identifying and naming the Colours.

Spontaneous Improvisations in Sound for Sculpture, Painting, Landscapes, for Art Galleries & Festivals

This 'music' deepens the understanding of the sculpture. There is a vital link between the kind of statement they make in the 'music' and contemporary art.

David Nash

The use of 'music' in this context gives a far broader understanding than any words could convey.

Graphic Designer, Llandudno

You were not just making a sound equivalent of the paintings, but were also having a dialogue with the artist.

Psychologist, Rome

Vitalising, that is bringing to life in a unique way the passive waiting-to-be-born qualities of the sculptures which miraculously flow into the 'music'. A million thanks for this experience.

Aromatherapist, Criccieth

You really did make the sculptures move - galumphing all over the place! It was a really great experience. Thanks again for the fun and enjoyment.

Teacher, Criccieth

This is very exciting.

Chairman, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute

Workshops in Visual Arts & Movement for Children, Adults, Special Needs

The gallery was brought alive by the sounds, and the silences, created by the children under her guidance. They were encouraged to develop listening skills as well as those which develop their creative expression. We were inundated with letters of thanks from the pupils involved.

Gallery Education Development Officer, Llandudno

It was very interesting and fun. We liked the sounds of the wood and the water.

Children, Llandudno

These workshops have been responsible for changing my attitude to teaching music. The sounds are very powerful and have stayed within me for days

Teacher, Lisbon

I will not forget our afternoon in the exhibition at the Gulbenkian.

Teacher, Lisbon

Please come back again!

Children, Lisbon