For Students of Healing
Your study of healing through Sound, Colour and Movement with Dian will introduce you to many long kept secrets relating to the process of creation in our galaxy, and to ancient healing practices from Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. You will enter a world of magic, as you learn how to step easily into fifth dimensional reality and beyond.

Before you commit yourself to any of the possible training programmes, you may like to attend either a four-day or eight-day Spiritual Healing Retreat in Wind Song, Tasmania, purely to have the experience of spiritual growth through healing with Sound, Colour and Movement. There is no pressure to enrol for a Certificate Course, but if you wish to do so after the Retreat, then your experience may count towards that Certificate.

Graduates of these courses will find they have the potential for entry into many health industry professions. For example: hospitals; aged care; mental health; hospices; family and child welfare; alternative healing centres.

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